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Aging Wisely - Aging Well

The secret is out -- what you eat, how often you move, how you respond to stress, your social network and more, all affect the way you age. This website offers tools and tips for aging wisely.

Today's Seniors Are Smarter

Tests Suggest Less Mental Decline for Current Generation of Elderly

Senior moments notwithstanding, elderly people are smarter today than they were less than a generation ago, a new study suggests. Researchers found that when it comes to mental acuity, 74 is the new 59.

They compared performances on a battery of intelligence tests between a group of contemporary 74-year-olds and another group of people who took the tests 16 years earlier, when they were also 74. The latter-day septuagenarians performed better on the tests across the board. Read full article

Making Your Mid-Life Crisis Work For You

Rather than letting fear and anxiety restrict your life choices and leave you in a rut, experts say you can look at a midlife crisis as an opportunity for personal growth.

Linda Sapadin, author of Master Your Fears: How to Triumph over Your Worries and Get on with Your Life, recommends these steps for using a midlife crisis to your advantage: Read Full Article

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