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Fitness Tips and Tools

The thing that everybody thinks is so hard is really quite easy when you're armed with good information. There are really some very simple steps to becoming fit.

Create a S.M.A.R.T. Goal - that's one that's Specific, Measureable, Accessible, Realistic, and one that has a Timeline. A Goal keeps you moving through the obstacles.

Picture the Payoff - If the Payoff isn't big enough--it's probably not going to happen. It's best to have this as an image so that you can program your subconscious.

Strategize - Where, What, and When. If you don't put these on your schedule--you may find yourself back on the couch.

Support - Line up the people, places, and plans that will provide support through the three to four-week transition time where that little voice may tell you that it really thinks what you're doing is a waste of precious time.

Anticipate the Obstacles - What are your "triggers?" That's those people or places that pull you back into your old bad habits. How will you deal with these? If you fall off the wagon are you willing to hop back on?

Work the Plan - You've got the plan--all you have to do now is work it and watch the metamorphis begin!

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