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Stress Buster Tips

Here are some suggestions to reduce stress.
You might even try one a week.

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-Try a physical activity – physical exercise will relieve that "up tight" feeling and relax you.

-Share your stress – it helps to talk to someone about your concerns and worries.

-Know your limits – learn to accept what is,for now, until such a time when you can change it.

- Breathe: try the right kind of breathing.

Take care of yourself – get enough rest and eat well. Learn to LET GO at the end of your work day.

- Make time for fun – schedule time for both work and recreation; you need a break from your daily routine to just relax and have fun.

- Be a participant – get involved in the world and with the people around you.

- Check off your tasks – make a list of tasks you have to do, then do one at a time, checking them off as they’re completed.

- Must you always be right? A little give and take on both sides will reduce the strain and make everyone feel more comfortable.

- It’s OK to cry – a good cry can be a healthy way to bring relief to anxiety.Take some deep breaths; they also release tension.
- Create a quiet scene – you can’t always run away, but you can “dream the impossible dream.”
- Avoid self-medication – medications do not remove the conditions that caused the stress in the first place.
 The best strategy for avoiding stress is to learn how to relax. Unfortunately, many people try to relax at the same pace that they lead the rest of their lives. For a while, tune out your worries about time, productivity, and “doing right.” Find activities that give you pleasure and that are good for your mental and physical well-being. Forget about always winning. Focus on relaxation, enjoyment, and health. Be good to yourself!

Source:  Mental Health Assoc. of Dallas County


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