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Environmental Science &Technology

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Professional skills to protect and respect natural resources

Caring for the Earth is one powerful way to ensure a better quality of life. ACC can turn your passion for planet protection into a sustainable career with studies in geology, chemistry, and biology. Our Environmental Technology degree and certificate programs are among very few in the nation to offer specialized water monitoring training with an emphasis on fieldwork. You can prepare for ongoing studies at a four-year university with our Associate of Science in Environmental Studies. Or the Erosion and Sediment Control Certificate provides job training to fill the growing demand for regulatory field technicians. All students explore the political, social, and ethical implications of pollution, natural resource use, and population growth.

What skills can I gain?

Students receive classroom education in environmental science and specialized workforce training in resource monitoring technology and analysis. Additionally, students are challenged to explore the political, social, and ethical implications of pollution, natural resource use, and population growth, as well as the application of science and technology to environmental problems.

Associate of Science Degree in Environmental Studies - This scientific theory-focused program is designed to prepare students to transfer to a four-year university for bachelor's degree studies in environmental science or environmental management. Some students choose to go on to master's degree or doctoral studies.

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Environmental Technology - With hands-on field-work, this program provides some of the most focused education in water resource sampling and assessment in the nation. Students receive employer-preferred training in the equipment and instrumentation used in the industry by technicians who are tasked with surface, groundwater, wetland, and terrestrial monitoring.

Advanced Technical Certificate in Environmental Technology - Returning students who already hold an associate of science or bachelor's degree in biology, geology, or environmental science choose this two-semester certificate to build the necessary expertise to work in the field as environmental technicians.

Erosion and Sediment Control Certificate - This certification offers specialized training to enter the workforce to fill a growing demand for sediment and erosion-control regulatory workers. This program is for students new to Environmental Science and Technology as well as for professionals already working in the field who seek additional training to work in the field.

Where can I work with this education?

Students have found employment with local, state, and federal government agencies, and in engineering, consulting, and environmental service firms dealing with water resources and other environmental issues.

How do I get started at ACC and where can I find out about financial aid?

Visit ACC's future student's page for admissions information. The financial aid page has links for eligibility and applications.

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