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Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics

Austin Community College’s Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics Program is all about training students for the local and national job market. Our top-notch faculty is a who’s who of local talent, hardwired into the latest trends and eager to give you the real-world expertise and know-how that comes from years of experience in the business.

With degree and certificate programs designed by a committee of local digital industry pros, our Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics program can prepare you to jump into creative and rewarding fields.

We offer two-year Associate of Applied Science degrees as well as various Certificate Programs.

Explore the following track options to discover which Game Development, Animation and Motion Graphics path is right for you:


Serious about game play and interactive experiences? So are we! The Game Design program is developed and taught by seasoned game industry veterans who have vast experience, skills, leadership, and inside-track know-how in game design, development and publishing. Learn the multidisciplinary skills and processes needed to cultivate a game from inception to execution to distribution to the gamer’s hands. Work shoulder-to-shoulder with like-minded students who are as passionate and dedicated as you are. Connect with industry professionals in existing companies or budding game designers and developers.

Design, programming, art, and music are all part of well-rounded games. We teach the skills and principles, and you’ll put it all to work with our state-of-the-art equipment and software. Here, your imagination is the limit!

You can become a:

Game Designer
Level Designer
Game Scripter/Programmer
Game Tester

Software we currently teach:

Autodesk 3D Studio Max
Adobe Creative Suite
Unity Game Development Environment

Degrees offered:

Game Design Specialization
Game Design Certificate


Do you have a passion for building worlds? ACC's Game Art program can give you the tools, training, and industry skills to forge a career in 3D Modeling. Our program is designed and taught by veteran artists from the game development industry who have the experience, know how, and inside-track knowledge to help you frame your future as a game artist.

Turn two-dimensional (2D) drawings into three-dimensional (3D) virtual experiences. Imagine, build and bring to light new 3D worlds with 3D modeling. We have years of industry experience, and we’d love to share it with you to help you find a career in 3D graphics, too.

You can become an:

Game Artist
3D Modeler
Environment Artist
Surfacing Artist

Software we currently teach:

Autodesk's 3D Studio Max
Autodesk's Maya
Adobe Photoshop
Pixologic's ZBrush
Allegorithmic's Substance Painter
Epic's Unreal Engine 4
Unity Game Engine

Degrees offered:

Game Art Specialization
Game Art Certificate


[expand]Are you intrigued by the 3D character and creature animation in games, movies and commercials? Want to learn more about making a warrior jump and roll or a monster crawl on all fours? We have a program that teaches you how to prepare characters for animation and then make them come alive.

In our program you will learn all about animation, animation principles, and keyframing. The soul of the curriculum is character animation but you will learn to animate anything. You will develop game ready animation assets as well as create story-based, cinematic animations. There are other elements packed into the program as well to ensure that you are a well rounded artist. You will explore technical concepts like rigging and character setup, basic lighting, rendering & compositing, among many other industry skills and trends.

You can become a:

Character Animator
Technical Animator
Pre-visualization artist

Software we currently teach:

Autodesk Maya
Adobe Creative Suite

Degrees offered:

3D Animation Specialization
3D Animation Certificate 


Have you ever wanted to make cartoons? We can do that – and you can too. From traditional pencil and paper fundamentals to the sophisticated all-digital workflow, we teach students how to create artwork, characters, and stories and bring them to life.

2D animation is one part acting, one part storytelling, and one part visual art. It can be done with traditional cel animation or with cutting-edge animation software. With our 2D Animation program, you’ll have the skills and experience to succeed in many careers. So move it!

You can become a:

Traditional 2D Animator
Character Designer
2D Computer Animator
Storyboard Artist

Software we currently teach:

Toon Boom Harmony
TV Paint
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Animate

Degrees offered:

2D Animation Specialization
2D Animation Certificate 


Interested in creating the slick, quirky, and mesmerizing visuals you see in commercials, live music performances, movie titles, TV shows, sports broadcasts, game UIs, and music videos? We have a program to train motion designers to succeed in the motion graphics field in a variety of industries. Taught by experienced instructors from the design, art, animation, game, visual effects, marketing and audio industries, the ACC motion graphics program encourages both practical and experimental approaches to creating motion graphics. The classes are small and hands-on, allowing ample one-on-one time with instructors and creating a collaborative environment that can’t be found online. The curriculum is thoughtfully structured with a continuous level of focus on creating work that is relevant and fundamentally sound, not to mention challenging and fun.

Using the most current tools and techniques, learn to bring together animation, graphic design, visual effects, fine art, music, and video footage to create motion graphics sequences and elements. These are the skills needed by independent filmmakers, advertising agencies, television networks, video game companies, and many others to tell stories and make their work more visually exciting.

From the conceptual phase, through design, and on to animation, learn industry standard workflows and techniques; or hone, expand and update your professional skills. The program was crafted from the input of industry leaders to take budding new motion designers to the next level. Graduates from the ACC Motion Graphics program have been employed by visual effects studios, major television networks, advertising agencies, video game companies, cartoon studios, motion design boutiques, high-tech marketing departments, and others.

You can become a:

Motion Designer
Broadcast Designer
Film Title Designer
Cartoon Compositor
Visual Effects Artist
Style Frame Designer
Concept Designer

Software we currently teach:

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere Pro
Maxon Cinema 4D
Trapcode Particular
Video Copilot Element 3D

Degrees offered:

Motion Graphics Specialization
Motion Graphics Certificate 

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