College Connection
What is College Connection?

College Connection opens doors to the variety of options that exist beyond high school.

College Connection supports and assists high school seniors with the transition to college. We provide details on ACC's programs, the value of an associate degree, and the many support programs available to ACC students.

Because college enrollment is a new process to high school students, Austin Community College District provides hands-on, one-on-one support to assist students through each step of the college admissions process. ACC representatives visit area high schools several times per year to assist with:

  • College applications to to ACC
  • Free college placement exams
  • Advising and course selection for registration
  • Info about how to earn a certificate or an associate degree
  • Assistance with applications and financial aid (FAFSA)

At high school graduation, participating seniors receive acceptance letters to Austin Community College. This letter shows your acceptance is good for life, so no matter where you go, you can always come home to ACC.

College Connection increases the number of graduating seniors who enter college. This increases students' earning potential and employment opportunities, ensuring the vitality of Central Texas communities.

"Suddenly, going to college changes from being a possibility to an expectation."
-Raymund Paredes, Texas Higher Education Commissioner