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The 4 College Connection Steps
The 4 College Connection Steps

Many high school students find the college enrollment process intimidating. But you've got no worries. By completing these four simple steps, any high school senior can be ready to register for college. Once you do, you're guaranteed lifetime access to college classes!

4 steps and you're in!

1. Admissions - Complete your college application on-line at ApplyTexas.  ACC staff advisors will guide you through the process at your school. Or, you can begin the ACC enrollment process now by completing the admissions application.

Undocumented students can also attend college based on Senate Bill 1528 eligibility. If you qualify, complete the application on-line at ApplyTexas and complete all the admissions requirements. ACC staff advisors will guide you throught the process at your school.

2. Assessment - ACC follows state law and usses theTSI Assessment to determn what entry-level courses you place into*. Through the College Connection program, the $29 test fee is waived and you can test at your high school during the school day. The assessment booster (PDF) packet has study guide questions and a sample test. Visit ACC's assessment page for more information.

3. Advising - You will talk to an ACC advisor about which classes are right for you. ACC's advising and counseling page has many tools to help you decide on our classes and degree plans. Your College Connection advisor can help you with these important decisions, even if you are planning to go to another college or university.

4. Financial Aid - We make it simple to decide how to pay for college. College Connection financial aid personnel will review your options with you at your school. They will also invite your parents to learn more about the financial aid process. You can find tuition information at ACC's Costs page. The financial aid page includes eligibility information, forms, and contact numbers to the nearest campus. If you're requesting financial aid, you need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA form and the ACE Institutional Fiancial Aid application

Undocumented students may also be eligible for Financial Aid assistance.  Texas Application for Students Federal Aid TASFA forms and eligibility information are avaliable at ACC Financial Aid Offices.


You will need your and your parents' previous year's W-2s and or tax returns.

*(Certain scores on the TAKS, SAT, or ACT might exempt you from ACC's assessment tests. Talk to an advisor or your high school counselor for details.)