Performance Checklist for Handwashing


___    1.  Stands without uniform touching the sink

___    2.  Adjusts water temperature and then wets the

              hands, wrists, and forearms so that the flow of

              water drains downward from the fingertips.

___    3.  Dispenses soap.

___    4.  Washes hands using mechanical friction to lather

               the soap

                a.  Wrists

                b.  Back of hands

                c.  Inbetween fingers-  web areas

                d.  Palms

                e.  Each finger individually

                f.  Nails

___    5.  Rinses the hands under running water so that the

              soap drains from the forearm to the fingertips.

              (clean to dirty)

___    6.  Uses a fresh dry paper towel, wiping from the

               wrist toward the fingertips when drying each


___    7.  Disposes wet paper towels into proper container.

___    8.  Turns off the faucet using dry paper towel. 



Outcome:  Pass ___    Fail ___








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