Performance Check-list for Apical Pulse Assessment


___    Reviews patient data

___    Explains the procedure to the patient

___    Gathers equipment

___    Washes hands

___    Cleans earpieces and diaphragm of stethoscope if used by others

___    Positions the patient to accurately locate the area for auscultation.

___    Identifies anatomical landmarks for appropriate placement of the stethoscope.

___    Warms the diaphragm with the palm of the hand before placement

___    Listens while simultaneously timing the assessment

___    Counts rate for 30 seconds or one minute when warranted.

___    Assists the patient to a comfortable position and raises side rails on the bed.

___    Washes hands and recleans the earpieces and diaphragm of stethoscope.

___    Documents correctly.

___    Notifies appropriate person of abnormalities.


Outcome:   Pass ___     Fail ___






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