Basic Math for Astronomy


This section details the kind of math you will be expected to do in my astronomy classes. It is at approximately the high school freshman or sophomore math level. It involves the same methods you use to make change, balance your checkbook, or figure out how long it takes to drive to Dallas, so non-science majors should be able to handle it. These are for you to refresh yourself on the basic mathematical tools you will need to work the problems in the homework assignments.

If you are feeling shaky about your math skills, I encourage you to sit down with paper and a calculator and actually go through the exercises. Don't skip to the answers! I will not be going over any of this material in class, but I am always available and eager to help you during my office hours, over the phone or e-mail, or by appointment.

I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to do the math in my classes. If you should need extra help, however, I am here to help. Let this tutorial be your starting place.

Updated 8/26/99
By James E. Heath
Copyright Ó 1999 Austin Community College