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 Brief Biography

    I was raised in Bayonne, New Jersey. That is right behind the Statue of Liberty across from Manhatten, New York City. There I  learned about the wonders of nature from my Engineer Dad(New York U,MS in Mech. Engineering)who took me sailing on New York bay and visits to the Musium of Natural History in Manhatten.When I4 yrs. old  in 1955 my Dad (John W.) got a fantastic engineering position with General Electric's Jet Engine Laboratory in Evandale(near Cincinnati), Ohio. In 1958 I graduated from the pre-academic program at Roger Bacon HS(St. Bernard,Ohio..near Cincinnati) . I had great Math. and Chemistry/Physics teachers there...Frs. Lucian and Lorian. In 1962 I graduated college(Xavier U....Cincinnati,O.) 
    with a BS in Physics(minors in Math and Philosophy). I will always remember "Mr" John Hart, the Physics Guy there. Great teacher he was. 1968 I received a MS in Physics from U. of Akron(my mother was born in Akron). My Thesis was fun. Started out using  punch cards to feed revisions of fortain computer programs I wrote. I had to carry around a ten pound box of stacked punch cards to run my 
    thesis program.."Numerical and exact solutions to some Mechanics Problems." By the end of my MS program we were using a IBM 360 computer where I was changing the program right on the screen. WOW!  Thirty years make quite a difference in technology.  

    1964-65  Taught HS Physics/Math  

        Villa Angela Academy, Euclid,Ohio

        Taught College Physics 

        Ursuiline College, Cleveland, Ohio

    1966-73  Associate Professor of Physics  

        Cuyahoga Commmunity College, Cleveland, Ohio

    1971-72  National Science Foundation  

        University of Texas, Austin, Texas 
        Science Faculty Fellowship  
        (began work on a PhD)

    1973       Founding Division Chairman of Science /Math 

        Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

    1973       Founding Department Head of Physics 

        Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

    1978       PhD in Physics Education/Physics  

        University of Texas, Austin, Texas

    1988-89  Visiting Scholar,                      

        Cambridge University, England 
        Dept. of History & Philosophy of Science

    1984-86  Adjunct Professor of Math  

        University of Texas, Austin, Texas

    1991-94  Adjunct Consultant  

        University of Texas, Austin, Texas 
        Continuing Engineering Studies, Engineering Technical Institute 
        (for Austin Semiconductor Industry) 

    1973-98  Professor of Physics  

        Austin Community College, Austin, Texas 

    I enjoy teaching and learning more about the patterns of nature: Physics. The symmetry of nature amazes me. I'm still learning...I plan to never stop. 

    August 97 edition. 

Physics is PHUN!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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