Judy Scholl
Information for Programming Students
Student Information for Programming Students
Student Priced Microsoft Office Microsoft has recently updated their ultimatesteal.com offer to include Office Professional 2010 for $79.95: http://www.ultimatesteal.com
MSDNAA software ACC has an alliance with Microsoft for some software. I will send your email (the ACC email) and notify you when I do, so that you will receive the software offer. If you do not see it, be sure to check your spam software.I have also posted instructions for accessing the software once you receive the email at http://www.austincc.edu/jscholl/MSDNAA.htm
Student Insurance ACC Insurance: Student Insurance There is some discount if you buy by the semester or the full year, but not a huge difference. You can find the full table under enrollment forms.

CHIP Insurance: Texas CHIP Program Eligibility