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General Student Information
Refresh when viewing my pages You should reset your browser options or you might not see the latest page postings. This especially is important if you viewed my pages during enrollment and that page is cached. If you have your settings so that you do not get the latest version of pages, you might be looking at old pages. Depending on settings, you might have to shut down your browser entirely and reopen to guarantee you are getting current pages.
Answering email questions takes prriority over grading Some days I receive more email requests for grading than I can complete. I will read my email as I receive it. I will try to answer questions so that you can continue your work. For grading requests, I will grade as I can complete it.
Make sure your subject of your email is correct ACC has switched faculty/staff email to gmail. As you may know, gmail groups all messages with the same subject. If you reply to my email that I send to the entire class, your email will be grouped with that subject. With the hundreds of emails I get weekly, I'm liable to miss your email. Be safe. Put your own subject in your email to me and better yet, add your name to the subject line.
Color Names that Validate There is some confusion about what web safe colors mean. This is a very old term that means nothing now. A few years ago, many monitors did not have the color spectrum that current monitors have. Because of that, the 216 web safe colors were established as working on multiple browsers. But, the bigger problem is that there are only 16 colors that will validate by name in CSS. http://www.hiddenboston.com/webmasters/colornames.html All other colors should use the hex value http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_colors
Is the Server Down? This site that will check to see if the server is actually down, or if you are having problems yourself. When having problems, test to make sure it is the server and not something that you are doing wrong. For the class server, you would enter http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/cois-linux.austincc.edu
logins and passwords If you have any problem with your login and/or password, let me know. I'll check it, then notify the lab administrator. NEVER send your login and password through email. I post them in Blackboard because it is secure. If you send your password through email, it may be reset. Okay, that doesn't mean you can send it to force the change.:) I know they are awful. Passwords are computer generated.
Disable "Hide extensions of known file types" for Windows XP and Windows 7 The default setting for Windows is to "Hide your extensions of known file types". This is a big pain because you can't see it. Sometimes you may accidentally name a file:
The first is wrong and the second will not match when you link to
In Windows XP
Go to My Computer folder
Go to My Computer folder
Tools tab
Options (drop down menu)
View tab
Unclick (you want no check mark) Hide extensions from known file types
In Windows 7
Click Start, Computer.
Click the Organize button at the top, left side of the window, and select Folder and Search Options.
Select the View tab. In the Advanced Settings list, find Hide Extensions for Known File Types and uncheck it. Then, you will see the extensions and can more easily find those errors.
Discussion Board feature Blackboard has a discussion board feature that I have activated it. You are welcome to take advantage of some discussions but be aware I am not monitoring this. It is completely optional.