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John Thomason
Professor of Mathematics

Austin Community College, Highland Campus
Spring 2016 Semester

Office: ACCelerator
Office Hours: TTh 11:30am-12:00pm, 2:45pm-3:15pm


9:45am-11:30am, ACCelerator, Highland Campus
MATD0421 - Developmental Mathematics 1st Semester - Synonym 47671, Section 031
First Day Handout (Syllabus)

1:00pm-2:45pm, ACCelerator, Highland Campus
MATD0422 - Developmental Mathematics 2nd Semester - Synonym 47730, Section 041
MATD 0423 - Developmental Mathematics 3rd Semester - Synonym 49267, Section 041
MATD 0424 - Developmental Mathematics 4th Semester - Synonym 48586, Section 041
First Day Handout (Syllabus)


Linear Equations
Slope and Lines
Quadratic Equations
Quadratic Functions and Parabolas
Complex Numbers


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Graphing Calculator Help
Internet Access
Free Graphing Software
Web Page Function Graphers
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Internet Access

All students have access to the Internet in the Library. If you're new to computers or the Internet, there will be someone at that location who can help you get started.
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Free Graphing Software

"Grapher" is a free graphing program that is included with newer Mac operating systems.  It's in the Utilities folder.  It's very powerful, but a little tricky to use.  The "Examples" and "Help" menus are helpful and there is some information available online.

"WinPlot" -- An excellent Windows OS graphing program. A guide for using WinPlot is available.

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Web Page Function Grapher

Desmos Calculator - Graphs functions in rectangular or polar coordinates.

Java Grapher works within your browser. To enter a function, don't type "y = " or "f(x) = "; just type the function's formula. There is no "Print" feature. If you want to print a graph, you'll first have to do a "Screen Capture" or a "Print Screen." Fairly fast and very convenient.

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