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Amusement Park Physics - Enjoy roller coasters, bumper cars, etc.? Think you can design one? Give it a try!

Analogies, Puzzles, IQ Tests, etc.



Many fascinating details of the life, mathematics, and inventions of Archimedes. This guy was so fascinated by mathematics problems that it cost him his life!

Portrait of

Ask Dr. Math

Martindale's On-Line Calculators Center - Special purpose online calculators for everything from Agriculture to Yields.

Calculus Graphics

Calculus Symbolab - Step-by-step solutions for finding limits, derivatives, and indefinite integrals.

Conic Sections Interactive 3-D Graph - Move the sliders to see how a plane crossing a cone can produce a circle, an ellipse, a hyperbola, and a parabola.

Conics Video - Shows how the conic sections are formed.

Dictionary - Online Math Dictionary

Dynamic Photorealistic Graphing - some pretty graphs, many animated

e - An interactive demonstration of an algebraic method of defining e.

Escher, M. C.

Many examples of the Escher's art and the mathematical concepts behind them.

Escher's "Relativity" as he drew it ...

... and ... as interpreted in Lego blocks.

Euclid's Elements - Features interactive Java-enabled figures

Famous Curves - A picture encyclopedia of mathematical curves from "Astroid" to "Witch of Agnesi." Includes equations, definitions, and variations of each.

Fibonacci Numbers, the Golden Section, and the Golden String

Figure This - Fun math challenges for families

Financial Calculator -- The site will perform a variety of mortgage-related calculations including how much house you can afford and amortization schedules. It will even show you how much can be saved by making biweekly payments or extra payments toward principal.

Financial Calculator - This calculator determines payments using basic loan term, loan amount, and loan interest rate information.

Graphing Calculator Online by Desmos - Graphs functions in rectangular or polar coordinates.

History of Mathematics - University of Tennessee at Knoxville

History of Mathematics - University of St. Andrews (St. Andrews, Scotland)

History of Mathematics - Clarke University (Worchester, Massachusetts)

History and Biographies - The Math Forum at Drexel University

History of Mathematics - The British Society for the History of Mathematics

History of Mathematics - Trinity College, Dublin

KnotPlot Site - Here you will find a collection of knots and links, viewed from a (mostly) mathematical perspective. Nearly all of the images here were created with KnotPlot, a fairly elaborate program to visualize and manipulate mathematical knots in three and four dimensions. You can download KnotPlot and try it on your computer.

Math Dictionary for Kids - Contains a clickable alphabetical listing of over 400 mathematical terms beginning with abacus and ending with zero.

Math Explained Using Animated GIFs

        HELP  Math Help - links to a variety of online resources compiled by students at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

Mathematica Online - is powered by WebMathematica and provides automatic solutions to algebra and calculus problems. Solutions are free; seeing the steps costs.

Math Forum - Drexel University

Math Forum Internet Collection - Algebra

Math Forum: Calculus Software for Windows and Macs

Math in Daily Life - Inspired the PBS Series "For All Practical Purposes"

Math is Power is the theme of the public service advertising campaign of NACME, The National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Inc. If no one has told you how math classes can improve your future, call NACME at 1-800-97NACME. They will tell you.

Math Tools (A great collection of math tools for algebra, calculus, finance, etc.)

Math Utilities - Javascript programs (they run in your browser) for solving a variety of equations from quadratic to those found in Aerospace Engineering.

Math Words - Discusses the origin of some words of mathematics and science.

MathWorld - Designed to be a comprehensive and interactive mathematics encyclopedia.

Optical Illusions and Visual Perception

Simplex Method for Solving Linear Programming Problems

Spirograph - this Java applet graphs spirograph images using their parametric equations and letting the user adjust the values of the constants R, r, O.

University of Texas at Austin Mathematics Department

Virtual Math Museum

Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves

WebMath - If you need help with solving quadratic equations, factoring, graphing, doing calculus, etc., this site may help you.

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