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Music Business, Performance + Technology

Associate of Applied Science Degree

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Credit Hours

POFT 1171 College to Career Success 1
MUSI 1301 Music Fundamentals 3
Language, Philosophy, and Culture or Creative Arts 3
MUSB 1305 Survey of the Music Business 3
Restricted Elective - Applied, Ensemble, Performance. A total of 3-4 credit hours. Choose from the list to the right. (1) 3-4

Restricted Electives - Choose 5 from the list to the right. (2) 15-20
MUSC 1327
MUSB 2302
Audio Engineering I or...
Performance and Promotion for the Independent Artist
MATH 1324
MATH 1332
Mathematics for Business and Economics or...
College Mathematics
Social and Behavioral Science (3) 3
MUSB 2355 Legal Aspects of The Entertainment Industry 3
MUSC 1303 History of Popular Music 3
ENGL 2311 Technical and Business Writing 3
ETWR 1471 Social Media Tools I: Design and Implementation 3
Oral Communication Elective (4) 3
MUSB 2386 Internship - Music Business Management and Merchandising 3
MUSB 1491
MUSB 2450
Special Topics or...
Commercial Music Project

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(1) Applied, Ensemble or Performance Restricted Electives
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    MUSP 1201 Applied Commercial Music: Arranging and Composition MUSP 1204 Applied Commercial Music: Bass Guitar MUSP 1205 Applied Commercial Music: Commercial Guitar MUSP 1210 Applied Commercial Music: Piano MUSP 1217 Applied Commercial Music: Percussion MUSP 1223 Applied Commercial Music: Synthesizer MUSP 1142 Small Commercial Music Ensemble... Rock Ensemble MUSP 1148 Small Commercial Music Ensemble: Improvisation MUSP 1150 Small Commercial Music Ensemble: Jazz MUAP 1161 Applied: Guitar MUAP 1101 Applied: Strings MUAP 1169 Applied: Piano MUAP 1187 Applied: Composition MUAP 1201 Applied: Strings MUAP 1217 Applied: Woodwind MUAP 1237 Applied: Brass MUAP 1257 Applied: Drums MUAP 1261 Applied: Guitar MUAP 1269 Applied: Piano MUAP 1281 Applied: Voice MUAP 1287 Applied: Composition MUEN 1121 Stage Ensemble MUEN 1122 Jazz Ensemble MUEN 1132 Guitar Ensemble MUEN 1142 Jazz Choir Ensemble MUEN 1143 College Choir MUEN 1151 Chamber Ensemble MUSI 1181 Piano Class I MUSI 1182 Piano Class II MUSI 1183 Voice Class I MUSI 1184 Voice Class II MUSI 1192 Guitar Class
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