Online Disease Report Grading Rubric



Disease           etiologic agent                                                   2 points


Transmission                                                                             3 points


Reservoirs                                                                                3 points


General characteristics of MO (specific)                                    3 points


Key tests for identification (specific)                                          3 points


Signs and symptoms of disease                                                 3 points


Historical information                                                                3 points


Virulence factors                                                                       3 points


Control/Treatment                                                                    3 points


Prevention/ Vaccine info, new trials?                                         3 points


Local cases or outbreaks (with incidence figures)                       2 points


Global cases or outbreaks (with incidence figures)                      2 points


Spelling/grammar errors                                                            2 points


References:  properly done and must work                             5 points

             Must have 5, so -1 point for each one missing

 or not working.  Must have endnoting.


              If reference not complete (not all 5 parts), -1/2 for each


                                    TOTAL for written                                         40 points


Oral Report if done                                                              10 points

            No credit if not done



TOTAL for project                                                                             50 points