BIOL 2421


Unit 5 - Infectious Diseases

As a climax to all we've learned this semester about microbes, we will study infectious diseases with an Internet search unit. You may use your Tortora text as an additional reference if you want or need to continue research outside of class. This unit is not designed to be done as a group activity. You must do your own work and submit it to me by email.  Please send only .doc, .docx, or .rtf files so I can open them. Otherwise, please send in the body of the email.


Unit Objectives

1. Students will solve brief case studies using the Case Study Exercise.

2. Students will research a selected disease, and report the disease and its processes with at least five reliable online references.

3. Students will complete a case study, giving five appropriate online references for their answers.

Tasks To Complete


1. Solve the Case Study Exercise.


2. Research a selected infectious disease.    Rubric for grading the infectious disease.

Infectious Disease Sites to use for Searching.


3. Solve a case study.


Important Information

When selecting online references, remember that not all information on the WWW is reliable. Always try to use journal articles or governmental documents as the "authority," and not rely on commercial sites (.com) unless the same information appears in multiple references. Two references with the same URL except for the last part will be considered the same reference, like different pages in a book. Include all sources used; reference books and periodicals by a standard format.  Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable reference.

Be VERY careful when referencing online sites. Each underscore, period, or capital letter must be exact, or we will not be able to find the site. Always check your references before reporting them by using the OPEN feature on your browser. If your reference will not open, it will not be counted toward your grade.

To report your sources, prepare a bibliography and number all references used. Then in the body of your report, give the number of the reference you used for information. This is called end notes, which you have probably used for other research papers. As with any report, be sure to paraphrase the information you use. If you choose to use direct quotes from the article, you must use quotation marks. I will be checking the references, so be sure NOT to plagiarize!!

There are five required parts of an Internet reference:

Grading Criteria

This unit is worth 110 points, as seen in the course syllabus given the first day of class. Grading will be based on solving case studies and completing a disease report.

1. You will solve a series of brief case studies to develop the problem solving skills needed for this unit by completing the Case Study Exercises.  You may earn up to 20 points for this project.  (This is Project A.)

2. You will research a disease and report the findings by providing the following for your chosen disease:

Each student will make a short (5-10 minute) Powerpoint disease presentation to the class. 50 points may be earned for this project; the written report will be posted online. (This is Project B.)

3. With the online case study, we will try to develop and use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to determine the epidemiology of the disease. You must provide at least five different reliable Internet references. This project will be worth 40 points. (This is Project C.)
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