MLAB 2401 Clinical Chemistry

Internet Resources

Unit 1: Basic Principles and Practice of Clinical Chemistry

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Unit 2: Laboratory Safety and Regulations

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Unit 3: Instrumentation

Chemistry Lectures by Roger L. Bertholf, Ph.D. , Associate Professor of Pathology, Director of Clinical Chemistry & Toxicology, University of Florida Health Science Center/Jacksonville.

Unit 4: Electrolytes

Electrolytes MedlinePlus
Serum Electrolytes

Unit 5: pH and Arterial Blood Gases

Acid-Base Tutorial

Unit 6: Minerals

Iron Deficiency Anemia University of Maryland Medical Center
Iron Deficiency Anemia MedlinePlus
Protocol for the Use of Serum Ferritin and Total Iron and Iron Binding Capacity

Unit 7: The Kidney and Test of Renal Function

Kidney Function Tests MedlinePlus
Kidney function tests Dr. Joseph F. Smith Medical Library
Kidney function tests healthAtoZ
Standardization of Creatinine: Reporting eGFR

Unit 8: Liver Function

Hepatitis Learning Guide Abbott Laboratories

Unit 9: Carbohydrates

American Diabetes Association Homepage
Health Topic: Diabetes Center for Disease Control
Carbohydrates Kimball's Biology Pages
Carbohydrates Visionlearning
Carbohydrate Nomenclature
Chemical Tests for Organic Compounds

Unit 10: Proteins

Albumin Test BCG Dye-Binding Method
CSF Total Protein MedlinePlus
Fats and Proteins Visionlearning
Protein components test Dr. Joseph F. Smith Medical Library
Serum Proteins www.
Total Protein and A/G Ratio Lab Tests Online

Unit 11: Enzymes

Clinical Enzymology Dave Worthington, Clinical Chemistry Dept., Children's Hospital
Diagnostic Serum Enzymes Virtual Chembook
Enzymes ames K. Hardy, University of Akron
Enzymes Kimball's Biology Pages
The Role of Cardiac Markers in Acute Coronary Syndrome and Congestive Heart Failure

Unit 12: Lipids

Biological Lipids Michael W. King, Ph.D / IU School of Medicine
Blood Cholesterol Levels-What You Should Do
Keeping Cholesterol Under Control FDA Consumer Magazine
Why Lower Cholesterol Levels NHBLI

Unit 13: Endocrine System

Endocrine Glands and Their Hormones
Endocrine System Virtual Naval Hospital
Endocrine System Diagnostic Testing Connecticut Center for Health
Pituitary - very cool interactive graphic
The Thyroid and its Diseases Leslie J. DeGroot, M.D.
Thyroid Diseases MedlinePlus
Web Anatomy - focus on Endocrine System

Unit 14: Special Topics: Toxicology, Therapeutic Drug Montioring and Tumor Markers

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator Police Notebook OKC Police Dept.
Forensic Toxicology Links Alan Barbour
Methanol Intoxication
Screening for Drugs of Abuse
Society for Toxicology Virtual Seminar - View the video "What is Toxicology?"
Toxicology and Poisoning Hardin MD

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Drug Level Testing The Body
International Association of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Conference Clinical Chemistry Journal

Tumor Markers
Oncology - Tumor Markers Reinaldo Dal Bello Figueiras Jr.
Serum Tumor Markers American Academy of Family Physicians
Tumor Markers National Cancer Institute
Tumor Markers Seer's Training Web Site

Unit 15: General Sites of Interest

Blood Tests -Explains lab reports University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Blood Test Clinical Significance -Clinical significance of various clinical chemistry tests - Augusta Medical Center
Clinical Chemistry Presentations on all topics U of A Med Tech Program
Lab Testing Guide Clinical Chemistry

Unit 16:

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Unit 17:

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Unit 18:

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Unit 19:

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Unit 20:

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