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MATD 0385
Developing Mathematical Thinking

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I am very excited about teaching this course!

This is an alternative course to Intermediate Algebra for students who are going on to one of these college-credit math courses: MATH 1332, College Math; MATH 1333, Math for Measurement; or MATH 1342, Elementary Statistics. In this course we will learn some more applications of some mathematical techniques you have already seen, such as working with linear formulas and equations and systems of equations. We will also cover some techniques you may not have seen before, such as working with exponential formulas. We will also work on extending your skills in problem-solving and logic, and in working with proportions, percentages, data, and tables.

Students who are mandated to take Developmental Math by the TSI rules may satisfy the TSI requirement by taking this course and, when they pass this course with a C or better, will have completed their TSI requirement in math. (Students who pass this course, however, are not ready for MATH 1314, College Algebra, or MATH 1324, Math for Business and Economics. Students who want to prepare for those must take MATD 0390, Intermediate Algebra.

Probably the most important parts of preparing you for these college-level courses are making sure that you have good skills in working with multi-step applied problems and interpreting your results. As we work in all of these parts of this course, we will discuss some practical applications and you will those analysis and interpretation skills on multi-step applied problems. We do know that many students have not developed strong enough skills in this in the early developmental math courses, so please don't feel intimidated about taking MATD 0385. Here's where you're really going to learn to do that!

The prerequisite for the course is MATD 0370, Elementary Algebra.

We are using material from two different books in order to cover the topics we have chosen. We chose the chapters we wanted to cover from two different books and have had the publishers print each of those. So you will need to buy two books, but each is shorter than a full book. We expect that the two of them together will cost about $85. See the link at the top of this page for specific information about the texts.

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