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Mary Parker

Interesting Links


Lots of fun!

  • Math Cartoons: My favorites include Calvin and Hobbes on betting.
  • Math Quotations: More interesting than you might think. Go to the Random Quotations section at the bottom of the page and browse through the database.
  • Polyhedra: More than you ever thought about! One site | Another site with a downloadable program. Among other things, you can print out patterns to construct the polyhedra.

 Useful for math students at various levels:

  • The Integrator: A free service from Mathematica. Find the integral of any function. Learn more about integrals -- what they're used for, how the program works, etc. Mathematica does LOTS more than find integrals.
  • Award-winning MacTutor History of Mathematics archive (University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Scotland) Their very comprehensive set of biographies includes current mathematicians as well as mathematicians back to the Greeks.
  • Tutorial for the TI-82


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