MINITAB software in MATH 1342

General Information:

Orientation to the MINITAB software

Very Brief Guide to MINITAB

Required Minitab Manual for MATH 1342

Information about Crunch-It statistical software

Different versions of MINITAB.

MINITAB Notes and Explanations

Overview of the role of the software in the course

Why not some other statistics software besides MINITAB?


Where is Minitab available?

MINITAB is available in the ICT general-use computer labs. Click on the link for locations and hours.

MINITAB is available on the computers in the Learning Labs. Click on the link for locations and hours.

MINITAB is available in most of the classrooms in which we teach MATH 1342 (if there are computers in the room.) These are not necessarily available to students outside of class time.

Where is help with MINITAB available?

Take your MINITAB Manual with you when you will be using MINITAB. That is the main place you should get help.

In the labs, it is possible that an assistant will be able to help you open the program or save something, or print. But to learn how to use the program, or how to do statistics, takes a statistics teacher. Ask your instructor for the help you need.



Obtaining and installing it:

For students who want to rent or buy the software to use at home (This is NOT REQUIRED, except for Distance Learning students, who buy it as part of their package)

For Lab Technicians

For instructors


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