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Online enrollment

Only credit card payments accepted here.

(If you were a member last year your information is in the database. If you choose "Renew," the form will pull up your information and you don't have to enter much.)

ACC paper enrollment form:
pay with check or credit card or
payroll deduction
rtf | pdf

Print the above form, fill it out, and give it to your campus representative (listed below and at the bottom of the form.)

The same form can also be used for paying by check or credit card.

Two different formats are provided. Use either. To make the pdf print full-sized, you must make sure that "Auto Rotate" is checked in the Adobe Acrobat dialog box on the right side near the bottom.

If you're asking for payroll deduction, notice that you must sign and give your ID number so that they take the money out of the right paycheck!

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Ina Midkiff, CYP
Ann Palmer, EVC
Jeffrey Stringer, NRG
Mary Kohls, RGC
Louella Tate, RRC



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