Ina Midkiff: Why will I spend $95 this fall to join TCCTA?

Some years ago, when I was at another college, a colleague of mine had a student who got mad about something and demanded that the college fire him. In my opinion, the teacher was being reasonable and the student was far out of line. The administration was not supportive of the teacher. It was a messy, difficult, drawn-out situation but, after some months, the situation was resolved and the teacher was exonerated and, of course, he was not fired. I asked him later how he handled all of this and how he found such a good attorney. He told me that, because he was a member of TCCTA and had their professional liability insurance, he hadn’t had to pay anything additional to get this attorney who was an expert on dealing with education cases. At that time I hadn’t known about TCCTA. I was very impressed.

When I started looking into it, I found that TCCTA was a very useful organization in many ways and well worth the money to join. I enjoy the networking with colleagues at schools across the state and often get interesting perspectives from them. I think TCCTA’s work with the legislature is very effective.

The connections and the knowledge I get from TCCTA and the peace of mind I feel from having the insurance, enable me to do the job that needs to be done in my classroom with confidence and the security that I will have an advocate if I need one.