Handling email:

Student email: Every semester I have to remind students of how to set up their ACC student email account. I collected all the information sent out when this was first implemented and made links to it so I can just send the students this one link.

Faculty and staff email: I was frustrated with the limited capacity that ACC provides for webmail. Now I use the Google system to handle and store all of my ACC email and the return address is still my ACC email address.


Tools for ACC online tasks

These are applications to help faculty members do various tasks with our electronic information.

1. Make a Class Roster that you can put into a spreadsheet first and then, if needed, to a word-processing program. Also generates a list of email links you can just click on to send a message through your default email program.

Open ACC Online and the Roster application at the same time.

Jan. 4, 2012: Just copying and pasting from the visible web page isn't working in some versions of some browsers, but there is a "work-around."
"Work-around": When you are looking at the web page with your roster, show the "source file" for the page (right-click on the page and choose View Page Source) and then copy that entire page of the source code and paste it into the textbox on the application and then click on the Extract text button.

Open ACC Online and the Roster application at the same time.

It is also possible to use Blackboard to do this.

2. Extract rows from a spreadsheet (tested on Excel) to paste into a another spreadsheet Extract applet | Instructions and example

See note immediately below these first two lines before you try to use this Course Schedule application.

3. Use the CourseSchedule application to obtain various reports from any of the currently-available online ACC schedules.

You may use this with or without logging on. If you log on, you can look at what schedules you saved later. Hunter saved a version of the Spring 2012 schedule on Jan 12, 2012. If you log on as hunter@ellinger.org then you can see that. No password is needed. The purpose of logging on is to make it so that everyone doesn't have to see all the things that everyone else saved.

Feb. 27, 2011: How to use it

We will hold a workshop in using it if people are interested. Email . mparker@austincc.edu if you want to request that we set up a workshop.


Brief instructions: Open a particular department's online schedule page and the application page. They can be in the same window or different windows. Copy the information from ACC's online schedule page, paste it into the blank window in the application, choose the button to extract the information, and then copy and paste the resulting information into a spreadsheet.

These tools were developed by Hunter Ellinger so that I could more easily use the electronic materials provided by ACC. We are happy to share them with you.

Other Interesting Things

"It's Only a Math Test" pdf | doc

When I was talking about my students' comments in the week before finals and about what we discuss in the General Ed/Core Curriculum Committee, Hunter got inspired to write this. If you like it, feel free to use it in whatever way you wish.


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