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Capital Metro Adds Stop to Cypress Creek Campus; Green Pass Available

Capital Metro will begin offering bus service to ACC’s Cypress Creek Campus Tuesday, January 25, 2011. The ACC Board of Trustees approved an agreement Monday night to establish a Capital Metro stop at the campus on a pilot basis.

The stop will create access to the Capital Metro system from Cypress Creek Campus through Route 214 (Northwest Flex), providing service from Lago Vista and Jonestown to the campus in Cedar Park. Other nearby stops include Lakeline Station and points close to Lakeline Mall. (Click here for a route map and schedule.)

“There is a natural fit between transit and educational institutions,” says Linda S. Watson, Capital Metro president/CEO. “This partnership with Austin Community College will allow Capital Metro to provide convenient transportation options to a campus in a part of central Texas where congestion is increasing rapidly.”

The route is eligible for ACC’s Green Pass program, which provides access to Capital Metro service for credit students, faculty, and staff at no additional cost.

“We are excited Cypress Creek Campus will now experience direct benefits from Green Pass,” says Andy Kim, ACC’s director of environmental stewardship. “Green Pass and this new stop will help students get to class, ease parking congestion, and reduce ACC’s impact on the environment.”

The Cypress Creek stop will be located in front of building 1000. The agreement covers one year of service and will be reviewed mid-year; ACC will pay Capital Metro a fee of $19,224.97, which will be funded through the college’s student sustainability fee ($1 per credit hour). The Capital Metro Board of Directors will formally vote on the agreement in February.

“This is an excellent investment,” says Kim. “It is a win for everyone, allowing us to increase accessibility for our students while decreasing our carbon footprint.”

ACC instituted the Green Pass program in January 2010. Last year, Green Pass holders took nearly 766,000 rides. For more information on the program and to learn how to get a Green Pass, click here.

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10 Responses to “Capital Metro Adds Stop to Cypress Creek Campus; Green Pass Available”

  1. ACK says:

    Ok just to let everyone know that i have been trying to find away to ride the bus from Leander to The Cypress Creek Campus and the only way possible is to ride the bus several hours early so you can catch the bus from Lakeline to Cypress! which is stupid in its self. The time I spend waiting and standing around is not worth the time or my sanity. Because if you go from Leander to Lakeline the bus for the campus is already gone( it leaves a few mins prior to the Leander bus arriving).So conserving gas and being eco friendly is not possible if you live in Leander and go to ACC Cypress Creek! Thanks For nothing Cap Metro !

  2. Paul Acosta says:

    I was wondering what a green pass is? And I live in the Leander/Cedar Park area so i was wondering if there was a route for me?

    New Student with no transportation other than a road bike.

  3. ACC Staff says:

    Monserrat Trejo, Capital Metro currently does not serve Round Rock, so there is no route that could service Round Rock Campus. For a Capital Metro system map, please see

  4. ACC Staff says:

    E. Zuniga, you may use you Green Pass on the route you mentioned. It applies to Local and Express bus service as well as MetroRail. For more details on the program, please see

  5. In Response to "Mother Earth" says:

    This is great news, as the Cypress Creek campus was a bit further away. Now maybe something can be worked out for Round Rock.

    And in response to “mother earth,” I’m not sure why you would call out the cashier’s office on this matter. They just hand the bus passes out and activate them. Those decisions are way above their pay grade.

  6. Mother Earth says:

    a true green pass would integrate the bus pass into the student I.D. like other colleges and universities (take U.T. for example) rather than wasting materials every semester.

    not to mention, if you lose it, it will cost you. LITERALLY- $25 bucks. sucks if you ride the bus to school and lose it at the end of the semester. the cashiers office shows no sympathy for students who pay their way through college and work hard enough just to go to school let a lone get there…

    Just something to consider when thinking of me.

    -Mother Earth <3

  7. monserrat trejo says:

    why is there no transportation for the round rock campus?

  8. E. Zuniga says:

    I was able to ride the #990 Northeast Express,a few days ago from Manor to Congress and 2nd street downtown Austin. Will i be able to use my “green pass” on this new express route?
    C.A.R.T.S will start collecting a $2.00 fee starting Feb.1

  9. Charlotte says:

    I have been advocating this suggestion for several semesters, when ACC started offering the “green pass”. I am so excited it has actually come to fruition. I just wish I had known about the cypress creek route on the first day of spring 2011 semester.

  10. David says:

    I noticed that Cap Metro is now running an express shuttle between Elgin and Austin. Once the new ACC Elgin campus gets finished, I expect this will ramp up somewhat, and possibly help speed the process of the already planned light rail extension out there.