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President’s Podcast: Community College Success Measures

In this President’s Podcast, Dr. Richard Rhodes shares his thoughts on graduation rates – the traditional metric used to gauge the success of institutions of higher education – and discusses better ways to measure community colleges like ACC.

Read the transcript of the video here.

Click below for an audio version of Dr. Rhodes’ conversation on success measures.


Read the transcript of the audio here.

For more on this topic, read ACC Students Count, a message from Dr. Rhodes, or view the ACC Students Count handout.

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The President’s Podcast is produced monthly. Access the podcast archive here.

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One Response to “President’s Podcast: Community College Success Measures”

  1. dcfresh says:

    Dr. Rhodes,

    Thank you for mentioning our (GED) students during your Podcast.

    I am certain that you are aware that a significant number of ABE/GED students present with a 3rd Grade Equivalency or lower (at baseline testing). I would argue that these students deserve a “momentum point” -just for showing up they are a success.

    After 40-50 hours of rigorous and structured instruction, progress test indicate that our students learn and are capable of more. Parenthetically, some of our students have been out of school for years/decades. The fact they purposed in their hearts to return to school = success.

    A case study: Fall 2011, a 55 year old woman drove 52 miles one way to attend my classes: FUN(damental)MATH (8:15am), Language Arts Reading/Writing, Science,Social Studies (10:30am). She also attended my 1:00pm Advanced Math class. I am proud to report that she received her GED BEFORE the Thanksgiving break! She took and pass the Compass Assessment and will be an academic student for the Spring semester;all this with perfect attendance!

    On the first day of class and throughout the semester, I assure my students that they are valued and have value.

    They come with various skills sets. Some are business owners, most are parents, others have 2 or more jobs. I meet them where they are and guide them to where the need to be: a GED graduate and beyond.

    AE Instructors not only serve our current population, but have the potential to change generations to come.

    Again, thank you Dr. Rhodes. “Here’s wishing you longevity, happiness and joy,” as President of ACC.

    Douglas C. Franklin
    Faculty Coach
    GED Instructor