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President’s Podcast: Graduation Matters

In this President’s Podcast, Dr. Rhodes is joined by Garrett Staas, an engineering major and 2012 graduate. Dr. Rhodes and Garrett discuss the importance of completing a degree or certificate and celebrating that accomplishment.

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5 Responses to “President’s Podcast: Graduation Matters”

  1. Edward Terry says:

    @Amber Kelly

    The President’s Podcast can be subscribed to via iTunes from this url:

  2. David Weddell says:

    Thank You for your reply! I realize that metrics used to calculate graduation rates are often unfair to two year institutions, and agree that ACC’s transfer rate holds similar merit to its graduation rate. I would just hope that those who evaluate ACC based on its graduation rate are also able to recognize the college’s outstanding ability to educate both first time college students and those continuing their education.

  3. ACC Staff says:

    David, ACC is surrounded by a number of universities, and many of our students come to us with the intention of transferring in order to complete a bachelor’s degree. While we encourage students to earn an associate degree first, that doesn’t always happen. In addition, community college students are often simultaneously working and raising families, and completion can be a challenge. ACC is working to help students understand the importance of graduation, and our Student Success Initiative (SSI) is designed to help all students meet their academic goals. Learn more at

  4. Amber Kelley says:

    Is there a way to subscribe to these podcasts via iTunes so they are automatically downloaded to my iPhone?

  5. David Weddell says:

    What do you feel plays the greatest role in ACC’s historically low graduation rate?