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ACC Announces QEP Name Selected in Collegewide Vote

‘Math PLUS – Practice, Learn, Understand, Succeed’ Launches Pilot Classes Next Spring

The Austin Community College District proudly announces the official name of its quality enhancement plan (QEP): “Math PLUS — Practice, Learn, Understand, Succeed.”

Math PLUS is five-year QEP to transform developmental math classes into a more successful model for student learning. The name garnered 49 percent of nearly 900 votes cast in the collegewide QEP Name Contest, which ended April 19. | See vote totals below.

“The Math PLUS name truly captures our intent with the QEP,” says Dr. Richard Rhodes, ACC president/CEO. “This is all about making students more successful in a challenging area. I commend the work of our QEP team, the faculty, staff, and students at ACC for their involvement in this process as we move forward and make Math PLUS a reality.”

The plan incorporates hands-on math application, math-specific study skills, and collaborative instruction to improve student learning. The QEP’s first phase launches in spring 2013, when the college pilots a revamped Basic Math Skills class.

QEP Committee Representative Marcus Jackson, right, presents a free iPad to grand-prize winner Jessica L. Johnson, a nursing student.

“We expect Math PLUS will have a huge impact on student success,” says Dr. Constance Elko, math professor and chair of the QEP planning committee. “This will make developmental math more engaging, more relevant, and more enjoyable for students.”

Nursing student Jessica L. Johnson submitted the Math PLUS name, winning an iPad for her efforts. She says she came up with the idea after reviewing the elements of the plan.

 “The first step is to try to do the problems,” says Johnson. “What the QEP is doing differently is to make sure you understand. If you have that down, you’ll succeed.”

The QEP is a collegewide initiative to enhance ACC’s learning environment. It also is an important component of the reaffirmation of accreditation process conducted by the college’s accrediting body, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. ACC is undergoing the reaffirmation process now and will submit the Math PLUS QEP in fall.

For more information and updates, see the QEP information page at

The vote tally is below. The college randomly selected vote participants to receive Riverbat prizes; winners have been notified via email.

QEP Name Contest Final Vote
Math PLUS – Practice, Learn, Understand, Succeed 431 49%
Strength in Numbers 257 29%
The Path to Math 186 21%
TOTAL 874 100%

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4 Responses to “ACC Announces QEP Name Selected in Collegewide Vote”

  1. Ms G says:

    Congrats Jessica, great name!

  2. acc student says:

    “Math PLUS – Practice, Learn, Understand, Succeed”

    To me, that is 6 words and it was suppose to be 5, but nonetheless congrats.

    • mreyes says:

      Thank you, ACC student. The winning submission offered the definition of PLUS (Practice, Learn, Understand, Succeed) in parenthesis; however, the QEP Name Committee felt the definition was important so included it together with the name. Our thanks to all who participated in the nominations and final vote!

  3. Jessica L. Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for your votes! This really means a lot to me! I am 30 yrs old, work full time, and just now working on my degree trying to get the pre-req’s out of the way. I have heard many people say (and it was true for me also) that the biggest barrier to going back to school is the math.

    I struggled through the developmental math classes, and managed to get A’s through sheer determination and will- power, but it was so time consuming (18 hr days studying each weekend + 3-4 hours each night) and frustrating because it just doesn’t come naturally to me. I was really just going through to motions, practicing and learning, but I did not truly understand what I was doing and why, so I could not really apply it to other situations or retain the knowledge for very long. Both of which are needed when ramping up to higher level math courses.

    I am really excited about the changes coming as a result of this QEP. I think if math is taught in a more collaborative and tactile/tangible way, it can change the mindset of the students about the extent of their own abilities. Many of us don’t do well with theoretical, and need a more hands-on approach. It is not a failing, just another way of understanding our world.

    My hope is that Math PLUS can bring those with alternative (but just as valid) learning needs up to the same level as everyone else, and perhaps even farther…allowing us to succeed beyond our wildest dreams. Thanks again for your votes…and the fancy iPad!