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August 2012 – Elgin Campus Update

August 7 Elgin Campus aerial viewSite work: The vast majority of the site paving is complete. Only some driveway leave-outs for utility pathways, the service driveway at the building, and some sidewalks/walkways remaining to be poured.

The deceleration lane on Highway 290 westbound has been completed. The state Transportation Department will do the work in the median on Highway 290 eastbound to lengthen the deceleration turn lane and extend the median cross-over slightly to align with our main driveway. This work will occur in the spring 2013.

Aqua Water Supply Corp. is installing waterline infrastructure along County Line Road, which will serve the ACC Elgin Campus. Waterline infrastructure is expected to be complete in August. Gas lines are being installed on our site this month, and electrical infrastructure is also in progress. The transformer and electrical meter are forthcoming.

Building construction: The exterior walls are receiving brick and glass. Work began on the south elevation and is progressing counter-clockwise around the building. Curtain walls and windows are expected to be complete in late August, with brick to be complete in mid-September. The central open-stair is being fabricated now and will be delivered and installed this month. It will be lowered through the skylight opening in the roof. The skylight will be installed in September. Mechanical curbs are being installed as well as roof penetrations, waterproofing, and roof insulation. The roofing and skylight will be installed afterward, with the entire building expected to be dried in by mid-October.

After the building is dried in, the drywall and other finishes may begin. Interior wall framing is nearly complete. The fire sprinkler system is in progress as well as mechanical ductwork and electrical rough-ins. The air handling units, condensing units, hot water heater, and generator are all expected to be on site and installed within the coming month. Elevators are expected to be delivered and installed beginning in mid-October.

ACC, the architect (O’Connell Robertson), and the interior designer (LauckGroup) are selecting furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Procurement of these items must occur within the coming months in order to guarantee delivery next spring and summer.

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