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President’s Podcast: The QEP – and Why it Matters

Dr. Rhodes with Dr. Constance Elko, middle, and Dr. Joey Offer, right.

Did you know that almost half of all first-time college students at ACC are unprepared for college-level math, and must take at least one “developmental” course? ACC is tackling this problem with a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) called Math PLUS (Practice, Learn, Understand, Succeed).

In this President’s Podcast, Dr. Richard Rhodes is joined by Dr. Constance Elko and Dr. Joey Offer of ACC’s Math Department to discuss the QEP – and why it matters to everyone at ACC. Listen below:


Approximate runtime: 9 minutes 30 seconds. Read the transcript: President’s Podcast Transcript – QEP

To learn more about the QEP, visit

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One Response to “President’s Podcast: The QEP – and Why it Matters”

  1. Earl Gaertner says:

    I would like to know what fraction of first-time students are unprepared for college-level writing class, and must take at least one developmental reading and/or writing class.