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March 2013 – Hays Campus Update

Construction is moving along with greater momentum now. The project is about 30 percent complete. There are now more than 100 workers on-site every day, representing 13 subcontractors.

The structural steel building frame is fully erected and complete. The second- and third-floor concrete decks have been poured and cured. The fourth-floor mechanical penthouse also has been poured and cured. All the miscellaneous steel detailing to support the exterior wall veneer, frame out the punched windows and curtain wall, and form the roof parapets is being welded in place around the building perimeter. All steel detailing work should be complete by the end of March. The three stair assemblies are in place, allowing workers to access to all levels of the building without ladders.

On the first and second levels, steel stud interior wall framing has progressed steadily. Mechanical rough-in of air conditioning ductwork, dampers, and VAV boxes is nearing completion in the north wing. The mechanical air handling units have been delivered to the site and placed on housekeeping pads in their respective mechanical rooms. Copper plumbing piping also is being hung on the first and second levels. The air-cooled chillers are stored on the site while the chiller yard concrete pad is excavated, formed, and poured at the beginning of April.

On the building exterior, green wall sheathing is being applied to the north wing of the building and a gray damp proofing membrane is being applied over the sheathing in preparation for the placement of metal brick ties and, thereafter, the laying of brick and limestone masonry veneer, depending on location. Masons will begin setting the materials the first week of April. The roofer delivered materials and will install the north wing’s roof membrane starting the first week of April.

Elsewhere on site, crews are redistributing a large hill of excess soil. This will improve site visibility for vehicles approaching from the east on Kohler’s Crossing.

The City of Kyle, using a separate civil subcontractor, is trenching and laying a main wastewater line in the easement immediately east of our project site. Next, Pedernales Electrical Cooperative will install electric utility poles over the easement at the northeast corner of the property in order to connect permanent power for the building. Pedernales also will install a transformer at our building to finish the connection. We expect permanent power to be available in May.

All concrete bases for parking lot poles were formed and poured. All storm water drainage lines and area inlets have been installed around the parking lots. All electrical wiring run in conduit to serve the parking lot lighting and security cameras has been installed.

Concrete pedestrian sidewalks are being formed and poured along the west and north boundary of the property along Kohler’s Crossing and Kyle Parkway.
Exterior SE View of building
Exterior NW View of Building
North Wing of Second Floor Looking Southwest Toward South Wing
North Wing of First Floor Showing Interior Wall Framing Progress

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3 Responses to “March 2013 – Hays Campus Update”

  1. David Haffelder says:

    Is there a way to find out what courses will be offered on this campus or is it too far out to know yet?

  2. Susan Rothelle says:

    When is the Kyle campus expected to be open for classes?