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Questions About College? ACC 1-on-1 Has Answers

Questions About College? ACC 1-on-1 Has Answers.

Need help getting started or continuing your education this fall? From July 15-31, take advantage of the opportunity to speak with an ACC advisor during ACC 1-on-1, while registration for fall classes is under way. Whether you’re new to college, a current student, or thinking about returning, advisors are here to answer your questions.

ACC 1-on-1 is your chance to:

  • Talk directly with an ACC advisor for personalized assistance
  • Ask questions and get answers about applying and/or registering for fall classes
  • Get help quickly with just a call or email

Get started now.

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8 Responses to “Questions About College? ACC 1-on-1 Has Answers”

  1. Christine A says:

    I attended ACC in 2006 and stayed enrolled til 2010. I want to enrolled again and not sure how to get logged in. Also is everything still good from those years.

  2. Question says:

    I need to speak about removing me frpm suspenion for Spring semester.

  3. simon apunte says:

    how to get into the classes im wait listed for? i dont really understand the waitlist process.

  4. Jewel Love says:

    What should I do to prepare for graduation from ACC?

    • ACC Staff says:

      Hi Jewel – Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Check out ACC’s graduation webpage to find the steps to graduation and answers to frequently asked questions. See your faculty advisor if you have more questions.