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Plan Your Summer Classes Now

Summer will be here before you know it, and so will registration for Austin Community College summer classes.  Registration begins April 7 for current students with 60 or more credit hours, and May 5 for new students.

Whether you’re a new, current, or former student, planning ahead can help ensure you get the classes you want or need during the summer semester. Picking up extra credits during the summer is a great way to reach your goals faster.  Even if you’re university-bound, ACC classes transfer and cost 74% less than other area colleges, making your bachelor’s degree more affordable.

See what’s being offered this summer in the online course schedule. New students can apply online, and are encouraged to do so before registration opens.

Find more information about registration and explore ACC’s educational choices today.

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15 Responses to “Plan Your Summer Classes Now”

  1. Mariee says:

    I’m an early graduate from high school and I wish to start summer classes at ACC either online and in a classroom and I have already submitted my FASFA, waiting on my response. Wondering what I should do to get caught up so I can start my classes on time.

    • mreyes says:

      Mariee, congratulations on your high school graduation! We look forward to welcoming you to ACC. The Student Recruitment Office can answer your questions about taking steps to start college classes this summer. Visit or call (512) 223.7701.

  2. Tre says:

    What happens if you apply for financial aid past the priority date? For example, I applied late for the Summer 2014 semester. Will you not be able to get financial aid?

    • mreyes says:

      Tre, financial aid is available year-round, but some funds become limited after the priority dates.

  3. Kiki says:

    If im a current Acc student but have less than 60 credits and wish to take online courses during the summer would I register in May? and would I register the same way as if I were registering for an actual class on campus?

  4. Maria says:

    My son is a junior in high school. He attended ACC last Summer and took US History. After junior, he would like to take Government this summer. Is he still going to be considered a new student? Where do we start? What does he need to do now?

    • mreyes says:

      Maria, if your student has completed an ACC class, he would not be considered a new student rather a returning ACC student. However, if he has not taken an ACC class in more than two ACC semesters, he will likely need to update his records prior to future registration. Please have him log onto his ACC online services account and it will detail what needs to be updated. If he does not remember his ACCeID or password, please have him contact ACC’s Helpdesk at (512) 223.4351 or for his next steps.

  5. Marwan says:

    If I used financial aid to pay for my spring 2014 classes, do I have to pay out of pocket money if I wish to take summer 2014 classes ? or will financial aid pay for that too?

    • mreyes says:

      Marwan, if you have not exhausted your yearly award for Stafford loans or Pell grants, you may receive those funds. Be sure to submit the financial aid institutional application for summer.

  6. Brianna says:

    I go to a different school during the regular school year, and I only want to take one class at ACC this summer. Do I need to do the application steps? And if so, which ones? I’m not sure which category of student I’d fall under.

  7. charles says:

    I’m working on a social media assoc. degree and when will I know what class are offered for the summer that I need to complete?

    Please let me know when and where to check for registration.

  8. Kelsi says:

    Hi, if I took summer school at ACC last summer but I go to a different school during the regular school year how do I go about reapplying? or am I considered a new student, again?