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HR Connection: ACC Honors Recent Retirees

ACC celebrates the following recent retirees, who were recognized at recent Board of Trustees meetings for their years of service to the college.

Retiring Dec. 31, 2013                                                    Start Date

Robert Bermea, Distance Learning 5/6/1991
Sallie Buchner, Library Services 3/23/1981
Sharon Collins, Information Technology 2/13/1984
Karla Eaton, Diagnostic Medical Imaging & Radiology 11/3/1997
Elizabeth Havens, Developmental Math 7/11/1991
Maxyne Groner, Social Sciences 11/17/1980
Carolyn Morse Jacobs, Nursing 9/1/1974
Eileen Klein, Health Sciences 8/24/1992
Calvin Mayberry, Campus Custodial 11/3/1980
Gregory Pratas, Accounting 1/12/2001
Sara Reynolds, Adult Education 9/1/2005
Charlotte Schramm, Mathematics 7/1/2003
Joseph Wiseman, Learning Labs 9/1/1996

Retiring Jan. 31, 2014                                                    Start Date

Joyce Adams, Adult Basic Education 11/30/1998
Joyce Anderson, Grant Development & 10/13/2003
Rosemary Burkes, Library Services 12/9/1996
Eleanor Branch, Admissions & Records 9/17/1990
Jane Dugan, Health Sciences 2/4/2004
Theresa Harkins, Information Technology 7/1/1978
Pat Hughes, History 1/18/1977
Bob Leibman, Mathematics 8/23/1982
Laurie Lindholm, Records Management Services 12/12/1988
Justin Maxwell, Diagnostic Medical Imaging Radiology 2/12/2001
Cleo Moore, Admissions & Records 1/6/1992
Pauline VanMeurs, Emergency Medical Services Professions 8/29/1994

Rio Grande Campus honored Calvin Mayberry, Maxyne Groner, Rosemary Burkes, and Dr. A. L. Mackey, who retired after a combined 130 years of dedicated service.

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