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Blackboard down May 16-19 for upgrade

The Blackboard system will be down May 16-19 to install new features that make the system better, easier and faster for you to use.

While there will be no significant change in the user interface or the way things work, a number of new features will help you enhance the online learning environment, and make what you already do in Blackboard easier.

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4 Responses to “Blackboard down May 16-19 for upgrade”

  1. mreyes says:

    Some course deadlines have been extended due to the required Blackboard maintenance. Contact your instructor directly if you have questions. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

  2. Alex Loayza says:

    I am taking an online class right now and I had to have everything submitted by 5PM on the 19th, I had an online exam I had to take, but now I can’t. This is absolutely ridiculous I cannot explain how upset I am right now, it would have been helpful if the students had gotten an email, as I am not constantly checking the website for news, but to announce this the DAY BEFORE Blackboard was to shut down? Does ACC not realize how many students could be screwed over or fail their classes because of this???

  3. Barbara Hanley says:

    Will we be able to access class materials from the spring semester on the 20th?