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Adult Education Math

Free classes include college success tips, books, advising support, and are designed to help you become TSI complete in Math.

To register for these free classes, please email Sunita Misra at sunita.misra@austincc.edu

Teacher Prep Institute

As Texas’ student population rapidly grows, there is an urgency to attract and prepare the next generation of public school teachers who are committed to equity and are equipped with the skills to address the unique and diverse needs of all students. 

ACC’s Teacher Prep Institute gives you a clear predefined path that gets you started on an Associate of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood – grade 6, an academic transfer degree that is designed to provide students the first two years of a four-year degree leading to teacher certification

Pre-Health Science Institute

Get the right start for your health science studies

Your goal of a career in health sciences can lead to a wide range of high-demand jobs. But where your education begins is equally important. ACC’s Pre-Health Sciences Institute offers pre-defined paths that are built to help you reach your educational and career goals.

The institute lets you learn in a  community format alongside classmates with shared goals and interests, and benefiting from individualized attention from our expert faculty. It could even give you the chance to finish college ahead of schedule.

Liberal Arts Institute

Become a Liberal Arts Scholar

The Liberal Arts Institute at Austin Community College combines many of the best educational resources the college offers. The program’s pre-defined course selection gives you a great start on a path toward an education in any liberal arts field.

The institute format allows you to collaborate and progress alongside peers with similar academic interests. You’ll also meet liberal arts professionals, and develop strong relationships with institute faculty. The experiences and program elements offered are proven to increase student success.

Pre-Engineering Institute

Engineering Brighter Futures

Get ready to tackle a four-year engineering degree by joining the Austin Community College Pre-Engineering Institute! This unique one-year program provides a competitive advantage to students preparing for the Texas A&M-Chevron Engineering Academy. It’s also recommended for any student who’s interested in engineering but needs some preparation before taking calculus, engineering physics, and other core technical courses.

Information Technology Institute

Develop high-demand skills in an innovative learning environment.

It’s no secret - the opportunities for those who have tech skills in Central Texas are booming. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of IT jobs is expected to grow 12% during the next decade, which is faster than average. ACC’s Information Technology Institute’s pre-defined course plan makes it simple to quickly obtain the required skills to secure these well-paying jobs.

Honda PACT Institute

A lifetime of benefits

The Honda PACT (Professional Automotive Career Training) program offers state-of-the-art automotive technician training that will enable students to become Honda & Acura certified technicians. The institute format of this program takes the guesswork out of enrollment, and gives you a clear path toward your goals. Simply enroll in the institute’s pre-defined course plan, and you’ll be part of a group of students who progress through the program together.

Electronics & Advanced Technology (EAT) Institute

Build a great career on an understanding of technology.

As technology changes our world, high-tech skills can help you find a career you’ll love. The Electronic and Advanced Technologies Institute is a community learning environment that lets you progress along with a cohort of peers through a predefined set of courses. You’ll learn about electronics and how they’re used in nearly every area of our world. If you like to take things apart, or just want to know how they work, the EAT Institute is a great place to start.

Business Studies Institute

Prepare for a Career in Business

Future business leaders can get a great start in ACC’s Business Studies Institute. 

ACC Institutes are learning communities that give you clear, accessible paths to reach your educational and career goals. The Business Studies Institute provides the high-quality coursework, and access to state-of-the-art facilities to prepare you for success in a wide range of business-related fields. Upon completion of the courses in this institute, you’ll be prepared to enter ACC’s business administration degree program or transfer to a four-year university.