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Support Center

ACC's Support Center provides specialized assistance and referrals to a select group of students who would benefit from additional assistance to overcome challenges and complete their education.

Are you eligible?

Eligibility for the Support Center is based on your income. You may qualify for services if you are eligible for financial aid. 

Services & assistance

Financial assistance for childcare & textbooks

You can receive funds to help you pay for childcare or purchase books, depending on your need and the type of funds available.

Textbook loan program

The Support Center maintains a collection of textbooks for students to borrow and gives priority to students receiving assistance. Other students may request a loan after the first week of classes. See information and a list of textbooks.

Educational & career guidance

Support Center Specialists and counselors provide you one-on-one guidance in planning your college education or career and how to become an effective student.

Community resources

Many community services offer help with childcare, employment, or housing. View a list of related community resources. These links are for your convenience only; ACC is not responsible for the information on these websites. Remember to research facts or claims about services offered.

Apply for services & assistance

When to apply

Applications are accepted year-round on a first-come, first-served basis. Financial awards are limited to available funds.

Follow these steps

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