C-7. Legal Counsel

C-7. Legal Counsel

Value Statement:

  • Legal counsel shall be consulted as needed to ensure the effective operation of the College District.

The Board of Trustees shall designate an attorney or attorneys to serve in the capacity of legal counsel for the Austin Community College District and to provide the Board independent advice and representation in all legal matters affecting or potentially affecting the Board or the College District.

College counsel shall be reasonably compensated and shall serve at the pleasure of the Board. Counsel shall be available to handle all legal matters for the Board and administration of the College District, and shall be responsible to the Board.

Counsel shall attend Board meetings when requested by the Board or by the College President and shall be available for consultation with members of the Board, the College President, and individual staff members designated by the College President, and shall undertake to represent the Board and the College in all matters referred by the Board and the College President. When a request for a legal opinion comes from a trustee, counsel shall inform all Trustees of the request.

The President shall keep the Board informed of the status and disposition of any official notices, complaints, and decisions related to College legal or accreditation issues.


The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on April 7, 1975, and amended it on November 13, 1989 and August 4, 1997, at which time the policy provisions of Policy I-9, College Legal Manual, were incorporated into it as part of the consolidation process. It was further amended on August 3, 1998, May 1, 2000, March 4, 2003, and July 7, 2008.