Ordering Task - The Location of the Image fromed by a Concave Mirror


Point Source




Part 1

Click on start to begin. A beam of light emitting parallel rays will be shown. Click and drag on the source to move it around. Drag the small red dot to indicate the focal point of the mirror. Does the focal point of the mirror depend on the location of the source?

When a ray is parallel to the axis of the mirror, through which point does it reflect?

Part 2

Click on Point Soruce to change the light source to a point source. Move the point source around.

Which rays pass through the focal point?

How does the location at which the mirror converges the light from the point source change as the source is moved from the left towards the focal point?

What happens to the light reflected from the mirror when the source is between the focal point and the mirror.

Part 3

Click on Location to see three different locations at which an object will be placed. predict the order of the image formed by the mirror from left to right. Use A to denote the location of image formed when the object is placed at point A, B for the location of the image when the object is placd at point B and C for the location of the image formed when the object is placed at point C.

Click on Object to get an object. Move the object to each of the locations to test your prediction.

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