Technology Based Tiper Activities

Click on the links below to view the PowerPoint and pen and paper version of each of these activities, as well as a link to the simulation used and results, if available, from the spring 2007 semester. Additional pen and paper items used for homework assignments, test reviews, and test items are also included.


Activity (Simulation Source)

Electrostatics PET - Induced Polarization (PhET)
  WWT - Force Between Charges (Physlet)
Electric Circuits RT - Potential Difference supplied by ideal battery (PhET)
  WWT - Current is a Series Circuit (PhET)
  PET - Add a Resistor in Parallel (PhET)
  PET - Add a resistor in Series (PhET)
Magnetism WWT - The Magnetic Field of a Long Straight Wire (Physlet)
Electromagnetic Induction WBT - Faraday's Law (Physlet)
Color WWT - Absorption of Light by a Filter (PhET)
  PET - Transmission of Light by a Filter (PhET)
Geometric Optics OT - Location of Image formed by Concave Mirror (Physlet)
  WBT - Hidden Mirrors (Physlet)
  OT - Location of Image formed by Convex Lens (Physlet)
  WBT - Hidden Lenses (Physlet)
Physical Optics RT - Double Slit Pattern (PhET)
  WWT - Dependence of 2 slit pattern on Wavelength (PhET)
  CST - Single slit pattern (PhET)
Classification of Spectra WWT - Emission Spectra (VQM)
  PET - Absorption Spectra (VQM)
Photoelectric Effect LMC - Comparison of Predictions for the Photoelectric Effect (PhET)
Discovery of the Electron (three linked activities)

WBT - Charged particle deflected by a magnetic field (Physlet)
PET - Charged Particle in an electric field (Physlet)
PET - Charge particle in electric and magnetic fields (Physlet)

Special Relativity CT - Two moving light clocks with light pulses perependicular to travel (Physlet)


CT - Two moving light clocks with light pulses in direction of travel (Physlet)

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