RNSG 2221 - Management of Client Care

Module 1:  Developing Leadership Behaviors and Management Skills


Module Objectives:  

Utilizing critical thinking and the nursing process, the student is expected to:

  1. Discuss the differences between leadership and management.
  2. Identify characteristics of the following theories leadership: Great Man, Trait, Situation, Behavioral, Contingency, Path-goal, and Transformational.
  3. Apply leadership theories to nursing leadership and management and activities.
  4. Analyze positive and negative characteristics of the following leadership styles: authoritarian, democratic, laissez-faire and multicratic.
  5. Define power as it relates to the leader/manager role.
  6. Differentiate among the following types of power: legitimate, referent, reward, coercive, connection, and expert.
  7. Discuss the role of followers in the organizational structure including characteristics of effective and ineffective followers.
  8. Apply the concept of "empowerment" to effective management.
  9. Discuss development of your leadership role, including assessment of your effectiveness.

Learning Activities:

1. Review module objectives.

2. Learning Resources:


  • Read:  Ellis & Hartley Chapter 1 p. 1-42
  • Complete the Leadership slides
  • Complete: Learning guide
  • Define key terms:authority, democratic leadership, empowerment, expert power, laissez-faire management, legitimate power, management, multicratic leadership style, participative leadership, power, referent power, and reward power.

3. Complete Critical Thinking Exercises:


  • Complete the Leadership crossword puzzle
  • Complete "Leadership Behavior " self-analysis quiz; then identify for yourself several ways in which you might strengthen your leadership skills.
  • Complete the Critical thinking exercises in textbook:
    • Leadership theory application p. 12
    • Power and leadership p. 23

4. Supplemental Learning:

Discussion Board:(optional)

  • After completing the Leadership Behavior self-analysis quiz, post to the Discussion Board at least three ways that you can strengthen your leadership skills and/or suggest to a classmate an additional way to strenthen his or her leadership skills.

5. Review module objectives and check for knowledge gaps.

6. Complete module quiz

  • "Leadership" quiz in the Quizzes section of Blackboard.