RNSG 1247 - Nursing Care of the Individual with Infectious Diseases and Integumentary Disorders


Module Objectives:  

Utilizing critical thinking and the nursing process, the student is expected to:

1. Compare and contrast risk factors associated with infectious diseases

2.  Analyze the etiology and pathophysiology for the following disorders:
                       1) HIV
                       2) Bacterial infections
                              a) Gonorrhea
                              b) Syphillis
                       3) Chlamydia
                       4) Viral infections
                              a) Genital warts
                              b) Genital Herpes

3.  Analyze the signs and symptoms and complications of the above disorders

4.  Analyze the following diagnostic tests including purpose, nursing care, normal values and the interpretation of abnormal values.

                        1) HIV:

                             a) ELISA

                             b) Western blot

                             c)  CD4

                             d)  Viral load     

                        2) Bacterial:

                             a) Gram-stain cultures

                             b) Dark-field microscopy

                             c) Notreponemal serologic test

                             d) Treponemal serologic test

                        3) Chlamydia:

                             a) NAAT

                             b) DFA

                             c) EIA

                        4) Viral:

                             a) Serologic test for HSV-2,HPV

                             b) Tissue culture

5.  Formulate relevant prioritized nursing diagnosis that address physical, psychosocial, and learning needs for the individual with an infectious disease.

6.  Formulate patient and family centered goals with outcome criteria that assist the client toward health promotion, maintenance, and restoration.

7.  Analyze and prioritize nursing interventions related to:

                       1) Drug therapy

                       2) Diet therapy

                       3) Surgical interventions

                       4) Patient teaching; therapeutic communication

                       5) Consider human and material resources

                       6) Referrals

                       7) Others

8.  Evaluate goals and explore possible modifications of the nurisng care plan.

9.  Examine associated issues and trends

                       1) Legal

                       2) Ethical

Learning Activities:

1. Review module objectives.

2. Learning Resources:

  • Read:        

        Lewis, 2007 pp 249-269, 1366-1379

    Drug Guide

         Diagnostic Tests Book


  • Complete Learning Guide:


         Sexually Transmitted Disease


3. Complete Critical Thinking Exercises:

  • Test yourself. Read this case study and answer the study questions.  

         Compare your answers with the suggested answers.

  • Read this case study and answer the study questions. Post your answers on the discussion board entitled "HIV/AIDS" and compare your answers with other postings.

4. Supplemental Learning:


5. Review module objectives and check for knowledge gaps.

6. Complete module quiz

  • Complete Quiz if available