RNSG 1105 Nursing Skills I

Module 7:  Making a Bed


Module Objectives:  

Utilizing critical thinking and the nursing process, the student is expected to:

  1. Explain rationale for changing the linens.
  2. Discuss and demonstrate measures to maintain asepsis while making the bed. 
  3. Discuss and demonstrate good body mechanics utilized in bed making.
  4. Discuss appropriate human and material resources to provide cost effective care when making a bed.
  5. Discuss factors that are involved to keep the patient safe while making the bed.
  6. Discuss measures utilized to maintain respect for the patient.
  7. Given a specific patient situation, identify the appropriate type of bed to make.  (ie. Postoperative patient- a surgical bed)
  8. Correctly demonstrate the ability to make an unoccupied, occupied, and surgical bed.

Learning Activities:

1. Review module objectives.

2. Learning Resources:

  • Read:  Harkreader, Ch. 31, pp. 807-812. 
  • View: Making a Bed (shown in class)

3. Complete Critical Thinking Exercises:

Lab Activities

  1. Practice safe use of the following parts of a hospital bed
  • side rails
  • bed controls
  • wheel locks
  • IV pole
  • nurse call system
  1. Make an occupied bed (procedure in Harkreader, pp. 807 - 809).
  2. Make an unoccupied bed (procedure in Harkreader, pp. 810 - 811
  3. Make a surgical bed (procedure in Harkreader, p 811)
  4. As you practice bedmaking be sure to include:

a.       closed bed          c.       surgical bed

b.       opened bed         d.       mitered corners

4. Supplemental Learning:


5. Review module objectives and check for knowledge gaps.

6. Complete module quiz

  • Bedmaking – see Assignments in Blackboard