RNSG 1105 Nursing Skills I

Module 2:  Medical Asepsis / Infection Control


Module Objectives:  

Utilizing critical thinking and the nursing process, the student is expected to:

Medical Asepsis:

  1. Discuss the relationship of an infection to asepsis? 
  2. Discuss the four phases of an infection.
    • incubation
    • prodromal
    • clinical illness
    • convalescence
  3. Compare the body’s primary and secondary defenses against Infection
  4. Discuss the chain of infection in relationship to infection control including:
    • characteristics of the organism
    • portal of entry
    • reservoir
    • portal of exit
    • mode of transmission
    • characteristics of the host
  5. Compare medical asepsis with surgical asepsis.
  6. Discuss the guidelines and principles of medical asepsis related to hand-washing.
  7. State indications for proper hand-washing.
  8. State effect of friction, running water, and cleansing agents on hand-washing.
  9. Perform appropriate hand-washing to maintain medical asepsis.
  10. Describe methods of modifying hand-washing when providing care outside the hospital setting.

Environmental Controls

  1. Compare how environmental control measures, disposal of sharps and bodily wastes, and air quality minimize the spread of infection.  

Standard Precautions

  1. Discuss the concept of standard precautions including the CDC set of  Actions. 
  2. State when standard precautions should be used.
  3. Discuss the components of standard precautions.
  4. Discuss the types of barrier precautions (masks, eye protection, gloves, non-permeable gowns).
  5. Demonstrate donning of clean gloves and removal of contaminated gloves. Give rationale for procedure. 
  6. Demonstrate donning and removing protective apparel.

 Isolation Precautions

  1. Compare the three transmission-based categories of isolation precautions including:
    • Airborne precautions
    • Droplet precautions
    • Contact precautions
  2. Discuss protective isolation and when it is used. 

Learning Activities:

1. Review module objectives.

2. Learning Resources:

Read: Harkreader --

  • Ch. 22, p. 496-502; 510 – 521; 534. 

View video: (will be shown in class)

  • "Handwashing and Clean Gloving"
  • "Dressing the Part: Isolation Techniques" 

Performance Checklists:


3. Complete Critical Thinking Exercises:

  • “Handwashing and Clean Gloving” – see Assignments in Blackboard
  • “Isolation” – see Assignments in Blackboard
  • Critique of Article:

4. Supplemental Learning:

  • Web links
    • Infection Control  - Provides many resources for infection control on the Internet. Numerous sites listed


5. Review module objectives and check for knowledge gaps.

6. Complete module quiz

  • Medical Asepsis