RNSG 2130 - Professional Nursing Review and License Preperation



Course Description:  (1-1-0) Review of concepts required for licensure examination and entry into the practice of professional nursing. Includes application of National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) test plan, assessment of knowledge deficits, and planning and implementation of needed remediation. This course lends itself to either a blocked or integrated approach. This course is a web based computer course.


RNSG 1412, RNSG 1262, RNSG 1247, & RNSG 2161  or  RNSG 1463 & RNSG 1560

Students registered in RNSG 2130 will be held responsible for the application of knowledge from the previous learning objectives in the ADN program.


Course Objectives: 

Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge, skills, and understanding of critical concepts required for entry into professional nursing
  • Demonstrate individual competency level applicable to nursing content areas
  • Exhibit readiness for licensure examination
  • Exhibit readiness for jurisprudence examination


 Last semester of the nursing specific curriculum


Course Requirements:

  • Complete HESI Exit Exam with a score of 850 or greater or take second HESI Exit Exam
  • Complete Jurisprudence Preparation Module and/or Jurisprudence Exam and submit proof of completion
  • Remediate according to specified criteria to meet course requirements

Evaluation and Grading:

  • Student must complete required components of course
  • This is a Pass/Fail course and a ‘passing’ score is determined by calculating points achieved as follows:

 Exit HESI First Attempt

  • 900 or Greater = 75 points
  • 850-899          = 25 points
  • 800-849          = 20 points
  • 750-799          = 15 points
  • <750              = 10 points


  •  Exit HESI Second Attempt
  • 850 or Greater = 25 points
  • 800-849 = 20 points
  • 750-799 = 15 points
  • <750 plus 5 additional Evolve Case Studies = 15 points 


Evolve Remediation Plan:            

  • Meet and present printed plan to instructor = 5 Points
  • Meet and present developed structured schedule to instructor = 5 Points
  • Present completed plan via email to instuctor= 15 Points
    • Evolve Case Studies as related to individualized HESI remediation plan
    • Synopsis of NCLEX-RN Review Questions and any additional remediation material used
    • (Students who fail to complete their remediation by the assigned date will have to do an additional 6 case studies in order to get their needed points)

Jurisprudence Preparation Module and/or Jurisprudence Exam:

  • Submit Certificate of Completion = 25 points


    • Once the student has successfully completed their Evolve remediation plan, the student may elect to substitute the first HESI score of 850 or above for the second attempt giving them 75 points and satisfying three out of the four required components of the course.
    • The student must present the printed remediation plan from Evolve to the instructor. The student must develop a structured schedule for completion of the remediation plan (see Remediation Plan Requirements handout located under the Resources tab of Blackboard). Present this schedule, along with the remediation plan, when assigned by instructor. or within a week of taking the first Exit HESI Exam.  The student must meet with the instructor and present the completed remediation plan prior to the second Exit HESI Exam.
    • The student must complete all Evolve Case Studies with a score of 85% or above.

 Grading Scale:

  • Pass/Fail
  • Pass = 75 points or above (See Grade Distribution)
  • Must complete all 4 components for final grade
  • Must pay for each Exit HESI Exam required (Payment form accessed on Student Resource page)

 Textbooks and Supplements:

  • All previously required textbooks
  • Texas Nursing Practice Act
  • Evolve Case Studies
  • Recommended References:  Current NCLEX-RN Study Guide, PDS programs