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QEP - Quality Enhancement Plan

Full details and Annual Reports can be found at MathPLUS.

ACC's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a course of action to improve student learning. Although it is a requirement for accreditation, it also is an opportunity for the college to enhance its overall quality and effectiveness by increasing student achievement in a single, critical area. According to accreditation standards, the QEP must be focused, grounded in ACC's mission, and connected to its strategic plan.

Math PLUS: Practice, Learn, Understand, Succeed

ACC's QEP, Math PLUS, is a comprehensive, multi-year program that combines proven learning strategies with innovative enrichment activities to help students succeed in developmental mathematics.

How Math PLUS Was Selected

Two collegewide shared-governance committees coordinated the QEP selection process. They invited both the ACC community and representatives from the Austin area to respond to the question, "If you could do one thing to improve student learning at ACC, what would it be?"

More than 1,000 responses were received and evaluated against the following considerations:

  • Current student success data
  • Alignment with college initiatives
  • Scalability
  • Use of college resources
  • Impact on student learning

Developmental mathematics emerged as the primary opportunity to significantly impact the education of a large segment of ACC students.

Math PLUS Features and Objectives

Math PLUS features a redesigned beginning level developmental math course. Based on best practices, research, and previous pilot projects, the new course includes collaborative learning activities, instruction in math-specific study skills, and lab time where students use educational software to reinforce concepts.

On average, 45 percent of first-time college students entering ACC each year are placed in the beginning level developmental math course. Math PLUS will help these students succeed while building upon existing initiatives to improve success for all students.

Math Plus Strategies

As a result of Math PLUS, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate active engagement in learning mathematics
  • Use study skills to support their learning of mathematics
  • Use technology to assess their own progress and focus practice on skills, as needed
  • Increase their interest in or enjoyment of mathematics
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