RN to BSN Advocacy

Congratulations to everyone who helped pass Senate Bill 2118, which will allow well-qualified community colleges to offer certain bachelor's degrees, including a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

It was truly a community-wide effort that will help transform our future healthcare workforce for the better.

ACC has already begun exploring the accreditation process so that we can offer working nurses in our community an RN-to-BSN pathway as soon as possible.

Please visit our ACC nursing page here for future updates.


ACC is pursuing the ability to offer an RN-to-BSN degree so that local nurses will have an affordable, high-quality option for continuing their nursing education. Offering this degree will not only allow the college to meet a critical workforce need, it will also provide these working nurses with a pathway to better pay and promotions within their field.


As health-care has become more advanced, best-practice recommendations put forward by the National Academies of Science have called for 80 percent of nurses to have BSNs by 2020. Texas is far behind that goal and needs to produce 4,800 BSNs a year just to maintain its current standing of about 50 percent of its nurses at BSN level. Offering an RN-to-BSN degree will allow ACC to increase the local pipeline for RN-to-BSN training by offering an affordable option for working nurses who cannot leave their jobs or take out large loans.


The total cost of ACC’s proposed RN-to-BSN program will be about $10,000. Less than half the cost of current program offerings.


ACC’s nursing program is consistently well-rated for quality with a licensure pass rate of 95 percent.

This compares quite favorably with Texas’ 85.6 percent pass rate and the national 85.7 percent pass rate. (These licensure pass rates include students who also come out of traditional four-year programs).