Develop a Plan

Marketing the right way can help promote a service, raise awareness about a program, or communicate important information. Before you launch a marketing campaign you should develop a plan.

Nine tips to creating an effective marketing plan

  1. Establish your goals - what am I trying to accomplish?
  2. Set your budget - how much do I have to spend?
  3. Determine your timeline - when is it due?
  4. Identify your audience - whom am I trying to reach?
  5. Define your "call to action" - what do I want them to do?
  6. Create an effective message - what am I saying and how am I saying it?
  7. Develop effective tactics - what tools will reach my audience?
  8. Connect with partners - who at ACC and beyond can help get the word out?
  9. Set your metrics - how can I measure success?

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