Market Study

FY17 Non-Faculty Market Study

HR Compensation has recently concluded work on the FY17 Non-Faculty Market Study. In order to ensure market competitive salaries for non-faculty employees as required by Board Policy F-10, a comparison of similar positions at the other Texas metropolitan community colleges and the local market is conducted every two years to check the market and ensure salaries are remaining competitive.

Results of the Market Study and proposed changes were reviewed by the President’s Cabinet on June 6, 2017 and then presented to the ACC Board of Trustees at their work session on June 19, 2017. Approved market changes will be included in the FY18 Budget.

On Monday, July 10, the ACC board of Trustees voted to approve the FY18 Budget. The FY18 Budget includes the cost to implement non-faculty market adjustments resulting from the FY17 Non-Faculty Market Study, a 3% annual increase, and an increase in the Living Wage to $15/hour ($31,200 annually). The approved FY18 Budget will be effective September 1, 2017.

Market Study Review Committee

Market Study Review Committee comprised of four members each of the ACC Classified Employees Association (CEA), the Association of Professional-Technical Employees (APTE), and the Administrators, met with HR Compensation to provide feedback during the Market Study process. Members of the Market Study Review Committee were:

  • Laura Bauman (CEA)
  • Robert Bohannan (CEA)
  • Matthew Campbell (CEA)
  • Juanita Parker (CEA)
  • Caroline Hernandez (APTE)
  • Latisha Marion (APTE)
  • Jose Resendez (APTE)
  • Connie Wall (APTE)
  • Virginia Fraire (Administrators)
  • Stan Gunn (Administrators)
  • Mike Midgley (Administrators)
  • Neil Vickers (Administrators)

Information related to FY17 Non-Faculty Market Study

FY17 Non-Faculty Market Study Video
Benchmark Data (PDF)
Slotting Adjustments (PDF)
FY18 Pay Structure (PDF)
FY18 List of Titles by Band (PDF)

Please do not make assumptions regarding your salary based on information posted here. There are many variables that will impact the final salary for individuals that are not specifically outlined on this site. You will see your FY18 salary through Online Services no later than the start of Fall classes on August 28. Salary changes go into effect on September 1 and will be seen in your September paycheck.

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